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Today, data centers require new cooling methods. The Intelliflex Immersion solution is the reduction of heat in hardware through submersion in a dielectric liquid that is electrically non-conductive and has a very high resistance to electrical breakdown, even at high voltages. Using a closed-loop system, the fluid is circulated taking hot fluid out of the tank and pumping back cool fluid from the cooling module.  The onboard Smart PDU of each tank monitors the temperature as well as the power being utilized inside each tank then sends this data to the Power Hub, where data is uploaded to the cloud for status and monitoring.

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Immersion Cooling is an IT cooling practice by which hardware components or electronics, including complete servers, miners etc, are submerged in a thermally conductive dielectric liquid or coolant. Heat is then removed from the system by circulating liquid into direct contact with hot components, then through a dry-cool system that involves fans or heat exchangers. Fluids suitable for immersion cooling have very good insulating property to ensure that they can safely come into contact with electronic components.  Intelliflex uses a single-phase cooling method, that uses the circulation method described above for the dielectric liquid across hot electronic components and to a cooling pod approach.

Product Building Process 

Intelliflex is built around you and your data center need.  Through meetings and scoping out your requirements CES and our dedicated team of engineers, production and construction staff all work to ensure that you get the desired results.  We encourage you to contact us using the form below and let us meet and discuss your requirements.  Whether you are looking to build out an entire data centre or just want to know about our optimization of miners, we have the solutions you are seeking. 

Why Invest in the Intelliflex™ System?

CES Corporation has invested heavily in developing these technologies to meet your high-density data center needs while reducing you capital investment and carbon footprint.  Comparing numbers to a traditional data center, the Intelliflex solution provides evidence of savings on energy and raw infrastructure materials.  We have used a standard 1MW increment to demonstrate why Intellliflex is the solution of choice:


Intelliflex products are manufactured from CES Corporation’s main facility located in Edmonton Alberta – roughly a 36,000 ft2/ 3344 m2 state of the art facility that ensures quality workmanship in everything that we produce.  Add to this that we additionally have a Smart PDU manufacturing facility and test lab located in North West Edmonton, not far from our main facility. 

Leading Global Technology

Intelliflex is a world-leader and right now, the only company in the world offering a complete solution for single-phase liquid cooling immersion.  Inteliflex is a modular, integrated Start-to-Finish solution, that provides you with everything you will need to get operational fast.


Intelliflex ensures that security is at every phase of our operations, from protection of your hardware to the encryption of our FlexConnect software, we enable full controls and an assurance that your IT hardware is safe and secure.



CES prides itself on being an innovative solution provider.  Offering your data center business a strong creative, intelligent parter that will show you innovation with every job we do for you.

Value of Investment

In short, we provide more with less.  You can operate less IT Hardware or Miners, operate them harder in immersion, without any harm to your hardware.  This makes you more efficient and more profitable.

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