Expanding Operations Canadian Blockchain firm Westblock names CES as their Immersion system of choice

Calgary, Alberta Canada – November 15, 2021 – WestBlock Capital Inc. (“WestBlock”), held by LUXXFOLIO Holdings Inc. (CSE: LUXX) (OTCQB: LUXFF), recently announced the company is purchasing its first Intelliflex Immersion Modular Data Centre (IMDC) from CES Corporation, based in Acheson Alberta. 

“We have been analyzing the immersion market for over two years and we believe that the Immersion System we have chosen is the best product offering in this category,” said Ken MacLean, President of LUXX Mining Division. Maclean added, “Immersion-cooling is well suited to LUXXFOLIO’s New Mexico location”, where the company operates an industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining operation powered largely by renewable energy sources.


  • Immersion-cooling is an enhanced process to optimize the performance of miners, compared to standard air-cooling systems.
  • Hardware components, including mining machines, are submerged in a liquid dielectric coolant.
  • Anticipated operational benefits of immersion-cooling include reduced maintenance, enhanced automation, more precise control of individual miners and prolonged machine life;
  • A more stable environment with a consistent ambient temperature will allow the ASIC miners to run at higher rates 365 days a year;

The Intelliflex line of products is designed and produced by CES Corporation within a 62,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility based in Acheson, Alberta Canada. Intelliflex™ Immersion Modular Data Center (IMDC) provides a highly efficient cooling method for high-density computing hardware. A fully integrated solution that includes immersion tanks, processes and cooling equipment in a smaller footprint than traditional data centers. 

About CES Corporation

CES Corporation provides industrial automation and commercial electrical services for dozens of industries across Canada. Privately held, with over ten years of experience, CES designs manufactures and builds data cooling solutions for a variety of data centre clients worldwide.  CES holds multiple patents and provides clients with full engineering, procurement, construction, and manufacturing (EPCM) services to ensure projects are covered from Start-to-Finish.   


LUXXFOLIO Holdings Inc. is a growth-oriented, CSE-listed company based in Canada. The Company is a digital infrastructure provider for bitcoin mining and data hosting operations. The Company seeks to utilize blockchain technology to convert unique identifiable assets (UIAs) into fungible digital assets such as Bitcoin and other types of non-fungible digital assets. It provides a liquid alternative for exposure to digital assets for the broader capital markets.