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Intelliflex ™

Product Line.

The Intelliflex™ product line is a start to finish solution, purpose-built for today’s data center.  It includes modular, integrated systems in both air and liquid immersion cooling technologies.  At the core of our line stands a unique Smart Power Distribution Unit (SPDU), designed specifically for high computing infrastructure. With a wide selection of options, the Intelliflex SPDU provides you with the flexibility you need to meet and exceed your power, control and network requirements.


Intelliflex™ Smart PDU

A Smart Power Distribution system designed for today’s datacenter. This modularized network-manageable unit, provides real-time user interface settings. Configurable options include network switches, receptacles, motor controls, flex I/O, all to meet your needs. As well, a centralized power hub that provides a single point of connection to your infrastructure.


Intelliflex™ Air

A unique modular design on the traditional air-cooling system infrastructure, allowing high density of computing hardware installation. At the heart of this modular design is the Smart PDU, offering a customized solution for power, control and network requirements.


Intelliflex™ Immersion

Provides you with the most efficient cooling method for your high-density computing hardware. The solution oers a fully integrated system including modular immersion tank, and associated process and cooling equipment. All modules are sold in combination with the Smart PDU for increased power, control and network management.


Intelliflex™ MegaBox

A fully customizable power solution that provides flexibility to accommodate existing and new power infrastructure of any voltage. Acting as a bridge between your power utility and the Intelliflex integrated solution, the MegaBox fills your power requirements to perfection.


Start to Finish.

Data Solutions.

  • Computing hardware that requires efficient cooling * Including Cryptocurreny, Artificial Intelligence (AI),  Server applications… and more.
  • The modular design of the Intelliflex enables you to build dense and highly efficient systems in any infrastructure setting large or small.
  • Anticipate your Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)  to drop Significantly with less infrastructure required, superior equipment upkeep and better use of your hardware’s core.
Intelliflex ™

Overview of Products

Smart PDU 

  • A 300-400A Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • Modular and configurable design
  • Offers receptacles (up to 96), network switches (up to 48),
    power controls, Flex I/O (up to 6), and a 7” LCD Touchscreen
  • Comes with FlexConnect software


  • Offered in either a 60’ Modular Data Center or a 53’ Warehouse Module for single point power and network connection
  • Both provide 24-Immersion tanks accommodating 48 – S19Pro miners or equivalent
  • Each tank is offers an integrated Smart PDU
  • A centralized, fully integrated power, network and control hub
  • Connects to the Cooling Pods


  • Comes c/w Smart PDU and FlexConnect app
  • A racking system c/w single point Power and Network connection
  • Uses air recirculation system for cold application. 
  • Operates at a maximum of 155,000 CFM
  • Motorized damper system c/w air filtration system is standard.
  • Connects to the Intelliflex PowerHub and MegaBox Power modules

Cooling Pod

  • 12’ Long and 9.6” high outdoor enclosures
  • Contains dual 72”/ 182.88 cm  fans and 8’ / 243.84 cm tall radiators
  • 4 Pods connect to service a single I-XL-5.0 Immersion module
  • Cooling Pod provides a cooling delta of 20C / 38F (±5%)
  • A single fan operates at 71 dB at 100’ / 30.4m

MegaBox Module

  •  40’ outside enclosure containing transformer, transistor and switchgear standard

  • Utilizes a 3.75 / 5 MVA transformer assembly.

  • Bus-Duct provided for power connection between Intelliflex modules.

  • Power and Control cabinet for cooling system provided.

  • MegaBox can be metered as requested. 

FlexConnect Software

  • Provides remote access to your Smart PDU
  • Offers remote access to turn on/off receptacles
  • Provides all electricity current on each receptacle
  • Monitors tank temperature and real-time monitoring of PDU


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